since 2015
since 2015
Frontier Mediation Services, est. 2015
Frontier Mediation Services, est. 2015

In 2015, while still a practicing trial attorney, Troy Ukasick founded Frontier Mediation Services, LLC on the philosophy and strongly held belief that resolving a claim or litigation matter prior to trial is almost always in the best interest of the parties. Now retired from full-time practice, Troy is dedicated to the process of resolving legitimate disputes between parties in an efficient and cost-effective manner without the necessity of trial. Taking a case all the way to trial is an expensive, burdensome, uncertain, time-consuming, emotionally draining and unpleasant process that can take years to achieve final resolution. At Frontier Mediation Services, we strongly believe that the right mediator is an invaluable tool to bring parties together, focus on a solution and settle claims for the benefit of all involved. 


Founder Troy Ukasick brings more than three decades of extensive, exclusive and relevant experience litigating serious personal injury, insurance and medical malpractice claims, attending settlement conferences, negotiating settlements with attorneys and insurance adjustors and obtaining successful jury trial verdicts for his clients on significant matters. He is very adept at credibly assessing case value and relevant issues, honestly listening and communicating with the parties and providing a safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment which is conducive to an amicable “win-win” resolution of a dispute.    


Troy has a unique and special background having advocated on "both sides of the bar". For more than 20 years, Troy served as litigation/trial counsel for some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in the world. He has found insurance adjustors value and respect his input based on his vast experience working closely with and advising claims personnel. For the past 10+ years, he focused his practice exclusively on representing seriously injured victims of the negligence of others on the plaintiff's side of the table. This broad perspective, depth of knowledge, diverse background and extraordinary experience allows Troy to sympathize with both sides of any dispute and lends the credibility, respect, compassion, empathy, understanding and trust needed to create a suitable environment for settlement.  

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